Bahrain Rises by mcsmoley1027

Bahrain Rises is a short interactive story made for a high school project in which the player plays as a Bahranian who experiences the beginning of the Bahranian revolt: why it happens, who it's between, etc. Experience the emotion, drama, trauma, and hardships during this dark section of Bahrain's history. (Disclaimer: This can barely be described as a game, it's more like an interactive short story. Also, this is my first game, so any reactions to the game or constructive criticism are always welcome). Thanks for playing, and enjoy the story!

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Review by DaViewer
14 May 2014
Like the other guy said, cool experience and was very informative, but could be a bit longer and more like an actual game. The game was also kinda dark and emotional which wasn't really what I was expecting, but I think it was the right route. I think this is a great way to do a school project. I wish I could have made games for projects in High School.

Review by QuestHunter12
14 May 2014
This game was very telling of how the tension is in Bahrain, and was very interesting. Is there a good ending to the game though, because I haven't found it yet? Anyways, very informative, just gave it a 4 because it's not much of a game, but otherwise very good.

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