Life of the Party - A Furry Vore Adventure (18+) by DoubleAnalogue

This game focuses on scenarios involving oral vore and unwilling fatal digestion. If that doesn't sound like something you'd enjoy, proceed at your own discretion. The game also contains optional scenes containing masturbation, scat disposal, fellatio, and public humiliation.

Your name is Hollis. You are a small gray rabbit, standing meekly in the foyer of a big, loud suburban house party. Your ears hurt, and in the mere twenty minutes since you've arrived, you've already completely lost sight of your friend who brought you here. Even worse, you're surrounded by huge, drunk anthros who could probably swallow you in seconds. Most alarming of all, one of them is your old high school bully. It's hardly a question of *if* you're gonna get eaten, but rather, by whom.

What will you do?
Review by AnonymousCandy
21 Nov 2021
Needs a hint button

Review by inigometal
06 Jul 2021
you are a genuine actual godsend. this is my favourite vore text adventure ever; your writing style and worldbuilding are both great and i'm so happy i found it. please keep adding more routes/preds to it :)

Review by RedPandaz
24 Mar 2021
Bit short, quality makes up for quantity tho

Review by DGG
28 Jan 2021
Can you please add more preds

Review by Moof
28 Nov 2020
I wasted way to much time on the 6th ending, and I agree, it's my favorite to

Review by Mayapie
01 Oct 2020
I love it its very detailed and hot though i wish it had more preds and ways to get eaten

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Published 29 Oct 2020
Updated 24 Mar 2022