Willowood by AFreshPupcake

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Willowood is a furry text RPG set in a small, strange town. This game is 18+, and focuses on fetish material, with a particular emphasis on vore and weight gain.

The game is currently in a demo release, and there's still a lot of content to expand upon and develop! This release has far more content than the previous one did, but there's still much to do towards opening the world up and developing the story and characters!


- A colorful cast of friendly (and hungry) characters!
- Full character creation: Wanna play as your OC? You can probably make them! The character you make will affect things in the game.
- Time of day: Every character follows a daily schedule, and has different interactions available at each location they visit!
- Weight gain: Characters actually gain weight! Will gain more weight after eating bigger things, or bigger people.
- Scenes which change and react depending on your size and attributes, as well as the size of other characters!
- Befriend the locals: Help out or be nice to townsfolk to gain their trust! This will be expanded on in future releases!
- Buy expansions for your house: Add multiple rooms, making it more and more useful!
- Earn money for activities! Work at a bakery, fight crime, or grow and sell crops! More to come!
- Explore the lost secrets of Willowood, where only rumors leave!

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Review by dae_way
25 Nov 2020
Great game! I can't wait for more content later down the road! Hopefully characters like Maple or Croc have some more interaction with the character. I'm not talking just like "to nom or not to nom" but maybe develop actual friendships with some of the characters. Maple is super sweet, and Croc is awesome!

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