Day Of A Tiny Student by Danielsmokes58

In this world there are two types of people. Those who are normaly sized humans and those who are born tiny typically around 1 to 3 inches in height. It is not uncommon for tinies to end up missing, whether they are stepped on, crushed, or even eaten.. Will you survive?

You play as a nameless tiny that lives with their normal sized older brother Jacob and mother Allison. Jacob is 18 and Allison is 31. In this story your charcter is a highschool student that must go each day trying their best to survive in this bizarre and cruel world.

As of: 08/18/23
# of Charcters: 10
# of Endings: 14

foot crush, butt crush, willing vore, unwilling vore, unaware vore, disposal/scat, female preds, male preds, animal preds


1.0/Release - 08/16/23
- Game release
- 7 Charcters
- 8 Endings
- Home: Finished
- School: In Progress

2.0/Content Update - 08/18/23
- Added 3 New Charcters
- Added 6 New Endings
- Added Charcter Pictures
- Added Gym and Cafeteria
- Minor Text Changes/Fixes
- Home: Added Minor Additions
- School: In Progress

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Review by Deathfromarras
17 Oct 2023
Cool game, keep inproving

Review by Hyphenzilla
26 Aug 2023
Pretty good so far. It seems currently like there’s a lot to fill up. One thing I’d like to see though is some more unaware vore endings.

Review by Not_me
24 Aug 2023
This game is really good. A lot of interactions and good descriptions, the only thing I'd suggest is to introduce some aware mother interactions and some puzzle like elements. Keep up the good work.

Review by xavior
22 Aug 2023
Good stuff all around in my opinion! Theres still stuff that needs work done in it but over all im impressed! It sorta reminds me of one I think is called shrukenvill or something- im sure someone will correct me but none the less. I cant wait to see how this story unfolds.

Review by 10noche
20 Aug 2023
Good start, but in my opinion, the game structure could have a little less of just straight up asking the giants/giantesses to do things with you and rather have them interact with you in more aware and unaware ways through the objects around the room. This of course is just my preference

18 Aug 2023
The Home admittedly feels unfinished.

Review by Inshoe
17 Aug 2023
This is a pretty good game, and reminds me of one that I'm currently making. The options are good and the descriptions are nice, and I'm looking forward to seeing how the school section grows. Good Job!

Review by quocccc
17 Aug 2023
Good game!!

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