A Tiny Furry In A Huge World by Queen Kyobi

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v1.3 is here! (9/12/2022)

Please check out A Tiny Furry In A Huge World Plus - which is the brand new DELUXE VERSION OF THIS GAME! It costs $5 and it gives you SO MANY THINGS and better yet THERE IS MORE TO COME. Find out more here:

Aside from bugfixes and such, I will not be adding any new content to the free version on this website. Instead, I will be fully supporting Plus.



- No significant new content has been added - BUT:
- All stomach rooms have been reworked to be more user friendly
- Every single line of dialogue has been colored and made easier to read
- Tons and tons and TONS of game improvements


You're a college student - and you're having a really rough day.

It all starts with a nap. After sleeping in and getting to college late, you decide to get some shuteye on one of the couches. When you wake up a few hours later, you've found that you've shrunk to about one or two inches tall. Something small enough to slip between the cushion cracks of the very couch that you fell asleep on.

You don't know what's happened. But it's clear that you're going to need to find some help. Someone who can protect you until this freak event passes and you grow back to your regular size.

But that might not be so easy. Not only are you faced with all the dangers that come with being so small - like wandering paws and the sudden introduction to various orifices - but not everyone is out to help a little person like you. Quite a lot of people at this college - from the impulsive students to the lusty teachers - might have more perverted ideas in mind than shelter if they so happen to come across you...

More than 400,000 words of content
12+ characters of varying genders and species
Over 100 different endings - some pleasant, most voreish
Oral Vore, Unbirth, Anal Vore, Cock Vore, & more


Support me on Patreon! Pledge to get early beta versions of the game, and other benefits! https://www.patreon.com/queenkyobi


Follow me on Twitter at www.twitter.com/qkyobi to be alerted of any future updates!

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Review by PLagueBirb
26 Jan 2024
Its a good game, but sometimes theres no telling what will happen, including things you really dont want to happen, such as gore instances and feral instances. I know its kinda the point of text adventure, but atleast give me something i can do to get out of a situation instead of having to deal with it no matter what choice i make after a certain set of choices. (probably fixed in the plus version but yk)

Review by lazi
13 Jun 2023
good game :)

Review by DarkRena
04 Apr 2023
The writing, amazing. The story, amazing. The scenes, amazing. For being one of my first ever text adventures this truly inspired me and I had alot of fun playing.

Review by Xile2332
24 Nov 2022
Truly amazing!

Review by SomeUkranian
19 Oct 2022
Fantastic game, had fun playing it, wish you luck with this project!

Review by please help me
21 Sep 2022
Love it love it love it

Review by sizefan
16 Sep 2022
amazing game

Review by tacocats44
05 Oct 2021
amazing game but one thing it keeps saying time up refresh browser every 30 seconds
thats all keep up the great work also i wish for more with the dragon
thats all bye

Review by foxy_leagcy7
09 Sep 2021
i love it has so many vore and nsfw

Review by Fran0899
07 Jun 2021
Loved it, the best macro/micro text adventure I've ever seen

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