Welcome to Ponyville (without cap) by Miss_Rarity

Okay please note I DID NOT MAKE THIS GAME.
All that i did was remove the cap featured at the end of the game. all credit goes to Klondikekun
Now, by removing the cap i will warn you, this does not unlock much at all, all that this does is allow you to cary on, and there is not much content after you get there. for example there is no relationship options with applejack or rarity or fluttershy, this is JUST for people who want to carry on for a bit, do NOT complain to me when the game starts to suck after day 14. as it will.
Anyway go aheade and play it if you wish. thanks!

also, if i get enough requests to add new content i might consider it. so if you want it please ask!

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Review by SirGabe
06 Jul 2015
loved it alot thanks for removing the cap

Review by EPIC minecraft
07 Sep 2014
3 words: I LOVE PONIES. and bonus because i'm a boy.

Review by ExplodingPankake
19 Mar 2014
omg its ponies! :D

Review by mlp Rainbow Dash
24 Nov 2013
Cool. Can you make a update for Rainbow Dash??

Review by ZacxradSF
16 Nov 2013

Review by BronyPal!
17 Jun 2013
Thanks for removing cap and if you could add some content I would be happy as it seems the original Welcome To Ponyville may be dead or very slow in progress.

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