The Soldier and Death by denismoreira

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Power corrupts all. In the face of such great power no man can create limitations for unlimited power. They all eventually indulge in its influence begin to go astray. This unknown soldier will find out exactly what it is like to become part of this idea. His family growing up were no more than classified as peasantry to the those up above and as common people. Raising a farm, selling the produce that was made to maintain a home and to give the children of the house a chance to rise into nobility. The unnamed soldier was part of a family of 4 with a brother who people very much adored for his charisma, energy, and talents. Constantly overshadowed by his brother he sought a way to become recognized to the people. Always doing what his brother was doing, always learning the same skills and talents. However, in his thoughts his one true way of becoming separate from him and to the crowd was by serving his country. This man born from the lower classes of society knew no better life than to serve his country as it was the only opportunity present for him to even be seen amongst the crowds or even be seen by himself. After enlisting in the Russian military his time away has only changed him physically rather than has prominent figure to the people.
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