Sphinx by H. Vernon

The story of a Sphinx, and her choices. An interactive story, made in twine.
Review by PietroSmusi
08 Jan 2019
This is actually pretty fun, repetitive tho. Good job

Review by Alex123lunthai
07 Jan 2019
The ending was amazing. I had chills... Well done

Review by Blakeyo123
07 Jan 2019
The ending brought this from a 3 to a 5

Review by LexusAmaru
03 Jan 2019
VERY ENJOYABLE! Great writing, good riddles

Review by mdemslie1
23 Dec 2018
Great riddles and backround, but rather repetitive.

Review by A. Nachaj
21 Dec 2018
Pretty good! High quality, well-written, creative story choices, lots of black humour and nice touch with the ALL CAPS when the Sphinx speaks. The choices have consequences and change the course of events a little bit, but I didn't always feel like they were incredibly different / had a strong impact.

Review by Slayer78
17 Feb 2018
It was awesome! I really liked it, just like the myth, with lots of choices, but not with much stress. very good.

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Written by
H. Vernon

Published 21 Feb 2018