Adventures of a Shrunken Hero by Reinai

Current Game Version: 0.11 (Updated on 11/12/2023)

After a long and grueling journey through the mountains, you and your party decided to stop at the nearest inn. It was pretty late into the night as you stumbled across a small town called Mountainside Village. Upon entering the town, your friends felt a bit on edge by just how eerie the air felt around them. You had been to this town a couple of times before so you reassured them that everything was fine. The only building with the lights on was the Mountainside Inn. As you entered the inn, you noticed just how empty and slightly run down the place started to look. You rang the bell on the welcome desk and waited for someone to come and check everyone in… but nobody came. Figuring that there was just a lack of staff or that the innkeeper had gone out for a bit, you dropped some gold coins on the counter and just helped yourselves to your rooms. Finding that all the rooms were empty, you let the girls have their pick at which rooms they wanted. While they settled down and figured out what they wanted to do, you decided to give them some privacy and take a walk throughout the inn. Not noticing anything else that was particularly out of the ordinary and feeling quite exhausted yourself, you began to make your way back towards the rooms… As you were walking through the hallway though, you began to feel really dizzy… You slowly dropped to your knees and tried to call out for help but couldn’t manage the words… Before you knew it, you were out cold in the middle of the hallway…

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Review by DeepDredux
10 Jan 2024
Really promising! I love the level of detail/care you put into the interactions. Everything that's here feels polished and makes me want to see more! Looking forward to seeing where you take this!

Review by Sans_Bleck
19 Nov 2023

Review by Chairface669
15 Nov 2023
I see a lot of potential in this game! I am excited to see what you add in the future!

Review by dyc
13 Nov 2023
It combines many advantages such as fast update and rich content
Looking forward to more updates and more works

Review by beb1112
13 Nov 2023
Keen for more!

Review by quocccc
08 Nov 2023
very good :))

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