Mitchell Quest by Rob Sedler

A goofy game based on the classic MST3K episode "Mitchell". You play Mitchell, a slob of a slab of a cop, who always gets his man...... and his beer. Game can be played without any knowledge of MST3K, but it certainly helps.

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Review by Dav
19 Apr 2008
Great game! Loved the Zork/Infocom reference:)
In regards to the tunnels: With the lit torch, go...S.S.W.W.W.N.W.

Good luck!

Review by John
25 Jul 2005
Because this is dirrectly based on a Mystery Science Theater 3000 episode, a lot of the jokes are going to go over some peoples heads. If you have seen MST3K's Mitchell, then you will probably see the genius of this game.

Review by Steve Lingle
06 Dec 2004
Good overall. Good programming even though it lacked the ease of typing commands. can o schlitz could have been much more easily typed as 'beer' for the player.

I've gone through a lot of the game. The tunnel doesn't make much sense to me though. I've lit the torch but can't get through the tunnel. Mapping it out seems to be pointless. I've mapped over one hundred rooms but to no avail.

Anyone care to help?

Review by george borg
19 Oct 2004
It was ok. I really don't see the ingeniousness that everyone else saw. I defintely could tell it came from the author of the Elvis one though. A good attempt at humor but it was almost annoying at times. Nice try, fat boy!

Review by Clare
28 Jan 2004
phat game mate but i still dont understand the aluminium foil?! maybe its an american thing...

24 Jul 2003
A likable, funny storyline told in a brilliant manner with hilarious details and events; one of the funniest games in the archive.

Review by Jakk
13 Jul 2003
This game was not as good as your other game, 'I Rescued Elvis From Communist Alien Jerks' but it was good, none the less. It was funny, making up for some mistakes in the map. Keep up the good work.

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Written by
Rob Sedler

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Written for Quest 3.11
Published 13 Apr 2003

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