This is not a game. by Haptic

Enter into the mind.
Review by Ozzy S.T.
22 Apr 2016
Well I'll be damned. Pretty good and pretty trippy. This one is a little bit like that time you accepted that strange looking thing from a friend of yours who guaranteed you "it's cool, just try it". And then you woke up 8 hours later with parts of your clothing missing, your hair in a disarray and your face sporting a semi-deranged look while trying to figure out where in the hell you were for the last 8 hours and how on earth you got here.
And later on, that same night, you're calling your friend back, going "hey, uhhh, you, uuhhh, you got some more of that stuff?".
Well done Haptic, and thank you for this work. Not sure if we can really categorize it as horror. If there was a category named "Twilight Zone-like", this would fit as a glove.

Review by minecraftpsyco99
02 Mar 2016
Pretty Funny! I really enjoyed it!

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