Pong by Minecraftybuilder

Play This Game With A Friend Or Any one else! In This Fun Game Like The Classic Pong You Can Have A Paddle Bunch Of Fun!
||| I got this code the same the way I got the Snake Code |||
Exit the same you would exit Snake
Review by Rafi James
12 May 2021
nice but my dog is better

Review by Jack wakefield
12 May 2021
so so pogger that i en=ven in vitie the homies and we play this until 7am with snacks and all

Review by G.Mxc
05 May 2021
Great i like playing it with my friends

Review by Toki <3
30 Mar 2021
It's really fun, but a little basic. A scoreboard would be nice, as well as an option to customize the speed of the ball to make it easier and harder, maybe. Hard, but fun! I really liked it!

Review by CAAYr67
24 Feb 2021
OMG I LOVE THIS! I could have played it for hours if I wasn't inn school. Me and my friend played it and we had so so soooooooooo much fun! :D

Review by AmeliaIsShyIRL
26 Aug 2020
fun game to play :)

Review by Tinuchi
14 May 2020
Really impressive. Completely unnecessary. I love it.

07 May 2020
I suggest adding the score system. It will be more fun playing multiplayer if there is a score system.

Review by Forgewright
07 May 2020
Multiplayer. However, I did have fun playing both sides for the first time since it came out in the '70s.

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Published 07 May 2020