One Man Space Program by FoxHound42

It is the year 2013. You are a lone man trying to revive the space program. However, times are tough and you have a small budget. That won't stop you. You decide to start with your garage. This is a short game about the OMSP.

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Review by DRYEET2704
28 Jul 2020
Actually not a bad game. But, it could do with more of a story, tbh.

Review by timmyfjjffddj22
03 Feb 2020
This inspired me to try it in real life but I died :(

Review by ElTextMaker
04 Jul 2019
i just enjoyed so much the experience

Review by Tristin Black
14 May 2018
I loved how expressive it is! It doesn't try to control the world, it just allows your imagination to take shape. 5 *'s!

Review by PressStartToPlay
29 Aug 2017
Very funny!

Review by manam
20 Oct 2016
OH MY GAWD! this was a freaking HALARIOUS! I seriously thought that it wouldn't work, BUT IT DID! I loved this game.

Review by Words_like_drugs
10 Jul 2016
Awhile this was a short rad, it. Was also very humorous and branching. The set-up was great and space was amazing, even if it I'd only let you go through with one option for a while. 9/10

Review by Luid101
23 Dec 2015
Very nice distraction

Review by samster100
12 Jul 2015
Love it, some great ideas here and it kept me entertained for a while. For a while there I really wasn't sure how it was going to end but I got a good ending and overall it's a fun game, if a little short.

Review by origamimaster
09 Jun 2015
Very good game, nice and short, but sweet. I found it nice and entertaining.

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