Lynx Tale by Dawn Owl

As a lynx living in the wild, life will always be tough. But you have your Clutter beside you- or do you? In this lynx game you play from birth to death, live as a rouge, healer, warrior or anything else you can imagine. Experience all the pain, struggle, joy and love in a lynx's life. This is Lynx Tale.

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Review by PietroXI
03 Dec 2020
Great work here. The writing is fantastic and I enjoy the plethora of options provided. Keep it up! :)

Review by Detective
30 Aug 2020
Its okay for my part. The grammar is good. It is kind of similar to the Lynx game I am working on, which is one of my originals. The only thing I would wish was a few pictures to describe the environment around 'me'.. Or at least a description of what the territory looks like. Feel free to grab some ideas from other stories including mine, just as long as its not as similar as them. As far as I read the description of this game, it is almost a little bit familiar to my game(s) I've been working on for the past 5 months. I don't mind it at all, I think I can learn more ideas from you. So far it is a good game.

Review by Esequa
30 Aug 2020
I think this is quite a good start; you should definitely finish it! There are not many good animal games on this website, and Lynx Tale has the potential to be one of the best. I am sure the anthropomorphism and the obvious Warriors influences will be off-putting to some, but ultimately, as long as the game is done well, I do not think those aspects matter.

Very well done on the grammar; it was near perfect, and the few mistakes there were did not take very much away from the experience. If it helps, you can use Scribens Grammar Checker to ensure that your grammar is always at its best; I use it myself regularly.

Usually, the best games include a lot of choices, so whenever more choices are appropriate, I think at least one more would be good. Two or even three more choices would be best in my opinion, but it depends upon how much work you are willing to put in, so just do what feels right to you.

I also feel like the game would really benefit from having more of an introduction to the world it is set in, as it just abruptly begins with your birth with nothing else to go off of. This also applies to the third paragraph, right after the time skip. A description of the passage of time and how you and your surroundings have changed would really help the transition.

The only other thing I would mention is the low amount of environmental detail. I noticed that, at least on the path that I took, the environment was barely described at all; sadly making the world feel a little lifeless. It felt like the characters and what they were doing were the most important things and the environment was just forgotten about. What is the den and the outside of the den like? What do they look, sound, smell and feel like? Of course you would not have to include all of these in any one description, they are just examples; but they go a long way towards making the world feel more alive.

I hope this helps you!

Review by C1713D
27 Aug 2020
I loved it

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Updated 10 Sep 2020