Warrior cats Kit to Mate simulator by Poisonfang

You can play as

Stonekit, a gray tom-kit with green eyes. He doesn't like getting in trouble and is very helpful and kind.
Icekit, a white she-kit with clear blue eyes. She is kind, helpful, funny, and adventurous.

The clans are Oakclan, they live in a forest filled with only oak trees, Pineclan lives in a pine forest, Mapleclan lives in a maple forest, and Willowclan lives in a forest with only willow trees.
You live in Willowclan.

You will start off 6 moons old and then there will be a time skip to your warrior naming ceremony.
Please no harsh words because this is my first time making one of these.
I will be making another one sometime soon!
Have fun!!

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Review by MeowMeow 2.0
08 Oct 2023
Really good please make another one :D

Review by Kottyo A.L <13
26 Apr 2023
good job and good game

23 Jul 2022

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