Not A Game. by Me The Worst

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This game appears to be written for a small number of people, instead of for a broader audience.
This is not a game. No Point in playing, no. Just don't play. I am begging you!... Your Still here, not playing. YAY!
Review by Heres a problem
25 Feb 2020
I see why this is in sandpit

Review by Zesc
04 Sep 2019
Calling this a "game" is far fetched. It's at best a Proof-of-Concept regarding some gimmicks. I'd honestly be suprised if there are more than ten complete sentences in the whole "game". The self-referential title is what saved this from 1 Star.

04 Sep 2019
Short, but interesting. Liked the end...

Review by Funtime Batty
30 Aug 2019
It was short but funny.

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Me The Worst

Added 28 Aug 2019
Updated 30 Aug 2019