The Caves of Krodan by Vyper

Far in the future, humans were launched back to bows and swords after The Great War. Earth has been split into many sections. Huge man-made mountains were formed to divide the sections, they were unclimbable. Though getting into another section is not impossible. On August 24th, 3847, the section of Majlok, with the help of the sections of Fulnar and Karik, built the Caves as passageways through the divider mountains.
You live in the section of Krodan, where Greece once was, but now known as the wasteland
Your goal is to pass Cave-38 to the section of Uhkal

--I have just released this incomplete to see what people think about it so far, please tell me if I can improve something. Oh and a picture will also be added soon

Warning- You will die a lot, please don't quit if you die

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Review by Slayer78
19 Feb 2018
It was really cool, BUT when I write my stories, I try to have death because of a flaw in strategy, not luck. I really like the story, but needs more strategy then just luck. I got disinterested when I got to the compass because it wasn't very fun getting burned. I would like to learn what the markings mean. :)

Review by H. Vernon
18 Feb 2018
I liked this - it had some interesting little puzzles. I would like to see some more character and plot, for better motivation.

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