The Abyss by dacharya64

"You've known since you were born. You've known you were being controlled." Welcome the The Abyss--the surreal and twisted world of the mind, and the only place you can regain control of yourself. Explore the land, perhaps dare to make friends--but have caution; many choices will be a matter of life or death.

The Abyss started out as a small experiment in Twine, and became an extensive world which tests the limits of the genre, and pulls together myth and fact to create an immersive and intricate world of motivation, struggle, and self-identity.

I hope you enjoy!
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Review by teodora t t t
25 Sep 2020
This game is fantastic!
I still remember when I played it for the first time. I was 15. Now I'm 22.
I really love the identity struggle.

Review by j1ng3r
17 Oct 2019
The best surreal adventure I've seen so far.

Review by ARCtype
17 Feb 2018
It is an interesting story, but the choices were limited. The multiple endings were nice. I played this a few times and always wondered what was really going on. Nice.

Review by Cheralina
03 Feb 2018
Yeah, that's right you... thingy that controlled me! Who's in charge now!? I shot you, you mind-controlling thingy!

Review by TheDL
18 Jul 2017
This is just... Incredible. The story is amazing, the setting is great, the choices are very realistic... An almost perfect game.

Review by GameofChocolate
15 Jul 2017
Interesting story, but not a game.

Review by Nanacollapse
24 Jun 2017

Review by the-drawing-llama
14 May 2017
Played it 6 times over, each time was just as exciting as the last! I loved it! There's always a little red link for you to click that you didn't quite see the first time around.

Review by 645Kitty
12 Mar 2017

Review by k43dr0n
15 Feb 2017
This was a rollercoaster from start to finish and I felt amazing about the experience of this story. Amazing.

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