The Quest for the Lost Sock by Nameless-Namely

While cleaning your room, you discover that one of your socks has been stolen by the horrible Sock Monster! You must go on an epic quest to successfully get it back. A REALLY epic quest. You won't even believe how epic it is. Yup...

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Review by DaNiX88
06 Jul 2015
I gave a 2, more for a "meh" than a "Poor." Though it was amusing to an extent, there were several errors, for example, the description of the monster (though in the lair, when looked at, the monster is still described as "in the hallway"), putting in the contact lenses (even though you put them in, they stay in the room instead of being taken), and other possible errors (I was a bit uninspired to replay the game to check for other uses/non-use of all objects and their consequences; I'm sorry for not being very helpful).

You seem to have the potential for creating more riveting text games, so assuming this is your first game, go for it!

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Written for Quest 5.5
Published 23 Jun 2015