Small by Father

A walk through the Wierwoods creates a problem you never dreamed of. In fact it turns into a small nightmare.

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Review by Ice_Casey!
26 Feb 2021
Its actually ice-tacular (spectacular) i thought it would be scary when it was fun

Review by ARCtype
18 Feb 2018
Father Thyme knows how to create a good, immersive game. I enjoyed this greatly, and even felt a little bit claustrophobic.

Review by MattRD94
12 Nov 2017
Absolutely loved the setting, story and imagery.
Every new location was interesting to explore and the story held a lot of very unique surprises.
Of all the Games on this site, this is one i would definitely say is a must play.
Very good indeed.

Review by wolvins
09 Mar 2017
Really liked this one, you really get the feel for your surroundings and if you look at everything you can't get stuck. really liked the story. Keep making these great story games.

Review by DavyB
11 Sep 2016
I can only agree with the other reviewers! It's a wonderful game!! As I moved from locatation to location I was a bit concerned that I might be missing items or clues, as I hadn't searched thoroughly. However, I needn't have worried. Father Thyme looks after players. There are no unwinnable positions, no sudden deaths and indeed no deaths at all. Just my sort of design and a great experience overall. Well done!

Review by sarah4
06 Sep 2016
This is an exquisite piece of work. The world of the game is delightful and is vividly rendered. The puzzles are extremely entertaining and are just the right level of difficulty. I don't want to say too much about the content of the game because I feel that part of the game's charm is its ability to surprise the player with new developments at each turn. This is a truly charming and imaginative game that defies categorisation and will appeal to a wide range of players.

Review by ejm29
09 Dec 2014
Fantastic game, well described rooms and objects. A great idea and plot!

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