A Shrinking Work Project by wadmander

This is a story about you, a nameless guy, going to work one day, and getting assigned to a project involving a shrink ray. The unique thing about the game is the multiple different sizes available. Currently there are 4 sizes in the game, full size, 3/4 size, half size, and 1/4 size. It doesn't get to the good small sizes yet, as I'm treating size as a sort of progression. The game currently ends at Mary's Office. You should be able to get there with any route. If there are any hard stops that you can't get past, or any errors please let me know.

I apologize for the plethora of grammar and spelling issues, feel free to point them out to me in comments or in dms. Also, I have never written any sort of fiction before, so my writing skills are rather weak. If anyone wants to help write a section of this story , let me know and we can work something out.I wont make any promises on updates, as textadventures is littered with dead giantess text games, so any promises made in that regard should be taken with a literal gallon of salt. I do have some ideas how I will continue the story though, and will be able to work on it some this week.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the game.

Update 7/14/20: The displayverbs attribute is not updating for the online versions, which is an issue, as I use that on pretty much every object in the game. I'm updating this to see if it fixes the issue, if not, just download and it should work.
Also, I finished one branch of Mary's Office.

Update 7/17/20: I felt the path was too linear for a text adventure, so I started adding interactions at the bigger sizes. This update comes with new interactions at the 3/4's height size for nearly everyone. I will also be adding interactions to the 1/2 and 1/4 height before getting any smaller

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Review by Little Guy
08 Jan 2022
Honestly my favorite game on this site, really hope it eventually gets an update.

Review by pixivattor
02 Sep 2021
Great so far. Hoping for more updates

Review by Googoogly
23 Mar 2021
Best one I’ve played, absolutely love it! My one issue is that most characters seen at the start, you’re unable to find or interact with them the majority of the time. My assumption is that the interactions just haven't been added yet, so keep up the good work!

Review by Shrunkenpet451
13 Mar 2021
Cant wait till the next update so i can get smaller

27 Jul 2020
Amazing start. I know he's only up to 1/4 size, but i CAN NOT WAIT for the sections where he's smaller. Love all the interactions with the women.

Review by Qwertguy12
23 Jul 2020
Excellent work! I look forward to your unfinished routes

Review by xlon
20 Jul 2020
Really-REALLY good start. It's just amazing work, i really hope you continue to write this, and add some more stuff above feet.

Review by shrinkandgrow
15 Jul 2020
Pretty good concept. Keep up the good work! I would definitely love to see some more interactions with Sasha! Mean giantesses are the best!

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