Fallout: Rule Britannia by Saumron

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Just a quick adventure, spent an excellent three days writing this. Hope you enjoy it too. You don't need to have played any Fallout before!

CONTENT WARNINGS (Not necessary for real Fallout fans ofc): FOUL LANGUAGE, GRAPHIC VIOLENCE

More description for hardcore readers:

My favourite aspects of Fallout have always been the worldbuilding and ''interesting ethical choices'' and so I've tried to make every aspect of the story flesh out the world and twist your brain working out what's right and wrong! (Even acting like a psycho sometimes works!)

Should be easy enough to understand even if you've never played any Fallout (obviously you'll miss some references etc.). It's set in a completely different location to the games, so I had to set everything up in a way everyone can grasp anyway.

Very short, you can complete a ''playthrough'' in about fifteen minutes even if you savour my crappy writing. It has multiple diverging paths though, so play it again if the first run is fun!

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