Hope for a lost dog by Mantidgirl

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A bitter/sweet story about a little lost dog. only 2 choices, mainly just a story, i'll be making one with more choices soon. :)

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19 Mar 2015
I can honestly say after playing this adventure, I was very touched. Your writing style is charming and cute, might I add.
When you edit this game while offering more choices, you might want to add the other side of the story.
For example, instead of giving two choices of good deeds, you could have the dog turn to the other direction. Therefor if the player chooses the good side of the game, he will be rewarded by winning the game. However, if the bad actions are chosen, then he will either suffer the consequences, or the game will end.

That way the player will feel like he really is that sweet, lost dog wandering the streets with no home, since the player could actually choose the choice he prefers.
Since the game is not yet finished, I am only able to rate a 2. Yet after you edit, this game will be very fun for many to play.
I hope that helped!


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