Realm of Depra by Mysterybox

Decided to start working on a kinky choose-your-own-adventure story for fun. Not a whole lot done right now, but there are a few scenes for Minx's path, the information on what the game will contain, light lore, and a bit of build up for Amelia's path. So putting out what I have down so people can comment, make requests if they want, all that good stuff. I'll probably update semi-frequently.

This will be an entirely kink-based project with full details on the opening page. But just in case I'll give another content warning. There will be graphic things involved and fetishistic content not all audience may be interested in. Anything more extreme or obscure will be marked inside the story, so it should be easy enough to avoid.

Primary themes will include.
Fantasy Elements
Diverse Species
Sizeplay or Micro/Macro
Occasional Dirtier Content (Will be marked)
Sado-Masochistic Content
Horribly unlikely coincidence for the sake of lewds
Hand holding (Will be marked)

First small updoot. 6/18
Added a good deal more to Amelia's first quest. Introduced the dragon and added a footplay scene with it.
Added one more chapter to Minx's path.

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Review by jesterking
18 Jun 2018
For whats there, it’s good but there isn’t much of it.

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Added 17 Jun 2018
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