The Test of Giantess Endo (WIP, v. 0.3.1) by Professor Mystery

I felt like making a giantess sandbox text adventure heavily focused on body exploration and endo.

In this game, you are somehow shrunken in your friend Christine's house. The logical option is to either figure out how you got tiny, but it's more fun to explore the bodies of Christine and her friends. She and her friends have a vore and/or endo fetish, so be sure to make a lookout.

The game is still in development, so stay tuned to any updates if I can get to them.


v. 0.1.5
- added more rooms and room descriptions
- added new character interaction options (interactions are a work in progress)

v. 0.1.9
- added a detailed game description
- added new rooms in the hallway
- more giantess areas to explore
- added new characters: Allison (Christine's older sister), Jamie, and Cheyenne
- adjusted some character descriptions and Christine's age to fit around the other girls
- added an unaware route for Nicole (to be worked on)
- plans for aware endo routes for the giantesses who don't have one yet

v. 0.2.0
- bug fixes

v. 0.2.2
- traveling inside a giantess's digestive system can be fully explored, but you can't go back up the esophagus; you can go up the anus to the stomach, though
- more room descriptions

v. 0.2.4
- added dialogue to getting Nicole's attention
- made McKenzie fully explorable (finally)
- added more areas to explore (room descriptions pending)
- added accessibility to go up the esophagus of a giantess, making a reverse full tour possible
- made the bathroom accessible
- added a new character: Kaitlyn
- set up a new area to be worked on: the pool
- added dialogue to getting Allison's attention (descriptions to be added)

v. 0.2.7

- added more to the pool area
- new giantesses at the pool: Sasha, Claire, Megan, and Alaina (so far you can explore Sasha and Claire)
- added more room descriptions and character interaction text

v. 0.2.8

- made Megan explorable
- added more character interaction text

v. 0.2.9

- cleaned up Megan's interaction choices

v. 0.3.0

- cleaned up the teleport pads by Sasha, Claire, and Megan

v. 0.3.1

- made exploring the rest of McKenzie accessable

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Review by Dino_kid01
25 Oct 2019
great game would be awesome

Review by aceshley1989
18 Oct 2019
this game is so much fun that it needs an update.

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