The Golden Diary by Emmy is awesome

You, an ordinary person, just moved into a strange cottage in the middle of a strange forest with black trees, blue flowers, and weird animals that all glow at night. As you start cleaning, you notice that the room is glowing. You just go to sleep, hoping to settle in.........


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Review by Marzipan
25 Nov 2014
This was okay but it's definitely in the wrong category. There are links, you click them, if you don't click the right ones you die and have to start over. Or you don't die, you just picked a choice the author didn't like so the narrator makes a snarky comment and forces you to start over anyway, because they feel like it. That's not a 'simulation' at all. This should probably be in fantasy.

Also the author is seriously in love with the word 'suddenly'.

Review by ThomasNolan007
18 Aug 2014
pure awesome

Review by NoGoodNamesLeft
15 Apr 2014
It's a really amazing game, but I really have to pick the right answer every time? I mixed it up a bit and every time I had to restart.

Review by Vansh
20 Mar 2014
This game is just pure awesome!!!!!!!!!

Review by MelodyAllHeart
19 Mar 2014
YAY it's awesome

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Emmy is awesome

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Published 19 Mar 2014
Updated 26 Mar 2014