Shooting Star (Part 1 of 2) by pain_plane_

This is the Shooting Star. Play the life of your character who is an up and rising basketball prospect in a tough world named Jack Harper. You take the driver's seat in the decision-making for your character as you make the crucial decisions that impact the story greatly. Live the rough life of your character and make various decisions that will have a crucial impact on what will happen of what will happen in the future. As you progress through the story, your decisions decide whether Jack will shine like the star he is or will fade away in the dark dust of the night's sky. Every playthrough is different with various outcomes of the crazy and eventful path of Jack Harper as he chases the dream he has always had. Play the free game today!

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Review by Yankeesfan4life
10 Jan 2021
Great story. Just wished there was more references to my favorite baseball team the New York Yankees

Review by Storylover65
10 Jan 2021
This guy knows how to make an amazing story

Review by Stuart Smith
10 Jan 2021
The great plot twist solidified this game as one of the best I've played. User portrayed an amazing story

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