Settler of the Wastes by joshua3

This is a relatively short demo. Would enjoy some feedback on structure, direction, and story line. Thanks! (I know the depth is..well shallow as of yet but it's a rough draft of a work in progress and my first attempt, judge accordingly)

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Review by puddywrecker69
12 Feb 2016
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Review by maffew
31 Dec 2013
Had a lot of fun playing, and like where the plot was heading. All though at times it was unclear what the game wanted me to do, for instance, I never realized that you could go inside from the yard, as nothing was mentioned about it.

Review by Darkrider
12 Jul 2013
I thought it was a good game, but the verbs were questionable - see my comment - and then once I'd done the composter part there was nothing else to do.

What next?

Review by AlexThorland
08 Jul 2013
I think this was very interesting, and the structure was good. You were very concise but descriptive at the same time, which is something you should keep up. Overall I loved it and would like to see more from you!

Review by Lucy3
18 Dec 2012
Can give my farm work visa to Ronnie :/

Review by joshua9
26 Sep 2012
how did you make a enemy

Review by abe darkk
02 Mar 2012
im stuck what do you do after you do the garbage compost bit

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