The Test is Now READY by Jim Warrenfeltz

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Review by daeun
13 Jan 2021
This game is too good to be free.

Review by ejds
19 Nov 2020
I loved it! It was really good. I wish there were more games like this.

Review by nammyal
26 Sep 2017
I didn't realize I could walk out of the interrogation room, so ended up killing an innocent child. Have to lower my rating for that.

Review by happysappygirl101
20 Jul 2016
I had problems, since some of the commands were unclear to me at first, however, this was still a fascinating game. Very intriguing.

Review by MisterG
04 Dec 2015
This was really good, well made and a fantastic play! Should have so many more plays.

Review by CutePanda
06 Nov 2015
Wow. Amazing. I loved it so much and I wish you could make a sequel to this. It was reallllllyyyyy good, well made, and different than many other ones. I really suggest this.

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Written by
Jim Warrenfeltz
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Published 30 Sep 2012
Listing added 14 Jan 2014

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