Another Hour by Jennifer Wren

Many decades after OtherWorlds Near, people have come and gone from the old farm, most of them still somewhere in the haunted woods, and Brinleigh who was left, as a child in the city to recover the sudden loss of mom and dad, grew up and moved back into her childhood home across Fiddlehead Road from Darkness Forest.

This is a scary mythbased melodrama, only mildly frightening, I scare too easily for anything else, myself.

Very Important: If you are tired of guessing numbers, type in a word, instead, press enter, to put the occupied command bar away.
Important: If you get lost in the bay - there is an underwater cave entrance that might lead anywhere - I don't remember - Otherwise, either SE or SW, take it twice if you have to and then start heading south through the church. When you hit the entrance, go west, or south, or try both, then head north until the you get home which is west of the cemetery, north of the road, and south of a grassy Feild which is south of a grassy Feild. I'm sorry it's so easy to get lost in. Be patient. You will find those destinations.

I turned to Microsoft Copilot AI for help with the music, generated images, poems, and prose, all of which I edited. I also got help with some of the coding, although it was a mix of quest codes and python and other codes, things I wasn't able to use that late at night, so that they never really got tested.
Download the game if it isn't working or displaying images. Thanks for trying it. I tried to not be too creepy for you.
Remember to not get lost, just keep coming and going in different directions and eventually you will find yourself.

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Review by daeun
13 Jul 2024
Cinematic game but after that, the progression of game becomes confusingly hard

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Written by
Jennifer Wren

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Written for Quest 5.8
Published 23 Jun 2024