The God Device by The Pixie

What is in the blood-soaked envelope the archaeologist gave Tanya just before she died?
Review by cyberlouse
15 Oct 2020
Very good Choose You Own Adventure game. Interesting situations that suddenly switch from a sense of safety to one of imminent danger, meaningful choices, cool main character and action sequences. 5/5.

Review by acidfaucets
01 Jul 2018
Really cool, nice simplistic method of guiding players through the interesting story.

I also like games where the endings are earned. I got a 9/10 rating, and I'm sure there's a happier ending than what I was left with, but I felt satisfied nonetheless.

Review by Richard Headkid
20 Jul 2017
This may be the most well-written gamebook on the site!

Great story! And the choices you make even matter!

The best ending was the best ending, too!

Rating: 11/10

A perfect result for Tanya


Review by gandalfgreen
06 Jan 2017
Good game, give it a try.

Review by JeoniN
24 Dec 2016
It's not bad, it takes all of your attention from beginning to end!

Review by White_Cross
21 Nov 2016
The God Device does what any good IF game should. It allows the players to follow their own logic within a few but decisive choices. Every step takes you into a new and fantastical environment without completely losing the player's hold to reality. Sure the player may be at lost to the identity of the protagonist and the terminology of the world but that's nothing farther from the next dialogue option. Overall the game continues to engage with plenty of replay value left over.

Review by ChazCliffhanger
17 Oct 2016
Very good! Would be awesome to see the whole story!

Review by boychester
12 Oct 2016
Great storyline and the choices really affected the game! This is good to play if you just want a quick 30 min game!

Review by abigail3947
07 Oct 2016
Great game! I enjoyed it a lot!

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Written by
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Published 02 Oct 2016
Updated 23 Nov 2016