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CA Pass The Real Story - Book
About the book……. The present book ‘C.A. Pass: The Real Story’ is the author’s life story in which he describes in a very interesting manner the ups and downs of his life’s journey from zero to zenith. Through this book you will come to know how a small boy, who, sick of the constant fights between his parents, runs away from home and has to work in a canteen or in a hotel in order to put food in his belly and survive. How he refused to give up and despite these many trials and hardships he realized his dream all because he continued to persevere and is today a successful C.A. Via this honest auto – biography the author wants to say that you don’t have to be exceptionally talented to succeed; sincerity and hard work make everything possible. People with average potential can also polish and refine themselves to reach their desired goal. It is only after reading the book that one realizes the true meaning of ‘Try Again’. This book tells us that failures are only repetition of mistakes and so rather than getting demoralized by them and quitting we must try to identify and remove them. This book is not written to sermonize instead it is a true account of the actual experiences of the author’s life and inspires us not to be defeated by such challenges of life but to face them all the while telling us of the ways to do it. All in all it is a practical handbook which gives us courage, teaches us and also entertains.
About the author…….Mukesh Singh Rajput is a C.A. by profession. This is his first and probably the last book. It is so because he refuses to regard himself as a professional writer. Had the thought of motivating others by telling them about his unbelievably hard life not rankled his conscience he probably would have never put his pen on paper to write this book. The tribulations of his life before he became a C.A. can be imagined when we realize that he has completed all his studies after 5th as a private candidate; spent his entire childhood away from home – family working in hotels and shops. But the flame of become something in life kept burning bright in him so picked up the lost threads of studies once again and rested only after he had obtained the professional degree of C.A. in 2010. Presently he is a practicing C.A. in Bhopal.
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