History Poznan Protests 1956 by Aletion

You are a struggling 24 year old student, with very little money 1956 in Poznan. The Soviet Union, and with her Poland, is deep in the process of De-Stalinization. This De-Stalinization brings hope for a lot of people, who are fed up with the current state, and want a socialism with less oppression then the soviet communism. But struggling to hold on to their power the Soviet Union employs extreme actions to keep the population in check. Under the light of bad conditions for workers in factories, June 23 a delegation from Poznan was sent to Warsaw, where they presented their views and problems. On June 26 they returned with the hope that conditions would improve. In the morning of the 27th the Minister of Machine Industry met withe the workers withdrew several promises that were made to the delegation. One day later thousands of students and workers took to the street. At this point in history our game starts, in your apartment.

The Poznan Uprising was a major step into the direction of a more local socialist polish government and is believed to be an important factor for the transition known as Polish October, where Władysław Gomułka, a more moderate communist, was chosen by the Polish Communists as Leader. Despite the obvious importance of the events that happened in Poznan, communists authorities decided to censor all information for roughly a quarter of a century. Preserved was the memory of these events by its participants and the opposition. Due to this factor, the information that we have today is to be viewed even more critcally, than under normal circumstances.

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