On Time by Letta

You wake up in bed with a spinning head and realise you are getting married today! But you're running late and everything you need is missing! Race against the clock and the cops to make it to the church on time! Or failing that, at least only slightly late!

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Review by zanessa~
30 Aug 2007
well,good game!

Review by Anonymous
19 Nov 2005
I need help!!! yes im hopeless but how to do you use the phone to call people? I'm still stuck in the building!

Review by cassie cole
19 Aug 2005
i think it excellent

i rate it 1000000000/1000000000

Review by FaithinCanda
09 Jul 2005
Ok.. so I'm wandering around town and in and out of the woods with skye and I can NOT find a way to get in that damn dress store. PLEASE. even a subtle hint would be helpful. ANYONE!


Review by Christopher
05 Feb 2005
Normally I'm lazy and don't bother posting reviews, but this game was the exception. I can't believe this only averaged at 2 and 1/2 stars (er.. dots)! The game was pretty funny and had many interest objects and items. The puzzles were good and most of them made sense (one or two I had to cheat to solve...). The many endings you could get and multiple ways of solving puzzles were good enough to have me play through several times!
The only minor things that stopped me giving this a five was that it could have been a bit longer, and there were a few errors here and there... Would it have been so hard to prevent the dropping of your own head? I'd give this 4 and 1/2 if it was possible.

Review by Anita
16 Jan 2005
Actually this game is really good. But I got sucked in the very beginning. Can anyone help me? Please reply me at [email protected] Thanks very much.

Review by bingobob
05 Dec 2004
I thought that this game could have been better i saw where you were coming from but it didn't click with me.
sorry mate

Review by Steve Lingle
24 Nov 2004
This game is very well written. I've discovered it was mostly hand-coded which is impressive.
There are certain parts that are difficult only because the puzzles are tough.
The only reason why I give this game a 4 instead of a 5 is because there are certain sections of code that seemed to have been left out or deleted in transfer. An example would be in using the cell phone. When I looked at the code in QDK, there is an IF/THEN statement (in the call menu) that shows something along the lines of "If player has 555-666-7777 OR OR" and the ELSE statement says "print 555-666-7777". I don't know what the OR OR was about.
If there is a way to complete the game without the cell phone working correctly, I'm not sure. I haven't finished it yet. I have played a few times to see what I can find.

Warning for all realistic-minded people (which I am not), don't surprised to find you end up meeting an Elf, Yoda, the devil and God himself in your travels. And don't forget to make a wish! (or two)

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