Orphan Dragon Hatchling by Curious

Once you are born -- a creature with a lot of natural instincts but with no physical training -- you see your mother killed.

How does a hatchling dragon survive in a fantastic but cruel medieval world?

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Review by catty101
02 Jul 2018
its ok, but short.
would like it longer please. Also, can you make a choice where you can hatch fast and help your mother, thanks! (Please add these choices).

Review by Shin The Dragon
12 Jan 2018
sorry the concept would be a 3 star but the lack of length really killed it for me so its a 3 star but i recommend a game where you are the dragon but longer

Review by manam
20 Oct 2016
I would have made it 5 stars, but the game was so short...

Review by TakingFlyte
14 Sep 2015
I loved this so much. Probably because I love dragons, but also because of the vast amount of detail in it. Very good job, Curious! It's such a shame that it's so short, though. Maybe some options on what your dragon looks like or what it can do besides fight would improve the game's length and make it more interesting? Needless to say, this is a great game. I would definitely play it again to find all of the endings!

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