About Submitting a Game

What can I submit?

You can submit any kind of text adventure that is playable in a web browser.

This means you can submit games written for Quest, Squiffy, Twine or Inform, or a playable HTML file, or a ZIP archive containing playable HTML (together with any CSS, JS or images).

Can I keep my game private?

We encourage you to make your game public, so that your game will get as big an audience as possible. But, if you prefer to give access only to people you send the link to, you can do that. Just choose the "unlisted" option when submitting. This means your game will not appear publicly on the site - only people with the link will be able to see it.

Note that the site administrator has access to "unlisted" games, and the same rules as for public games still apply.

What happens after I submit?

Your game is immediately available for people to play. If you chose the "public" option, your game will not immediately appear in your chosen category. It will only appear in a category after a moderator has checked it - this usually happens within a few hours or a day. Incomplete or test games will be put in the Sandpit category.

My game contains adult material

That's fine, but please make that clear in your description. Adult games get tagged as "Adult" and are only available to site users who have logged in and are 18 or over.

Can I include copyrighted material?

Only if you have obtained permission from the copyright holder.

What about my copyright?

You keep all copyright to your game, so you're totally free to distribute your game elsewhere too.

By uploading a game here, you're giving us permission to distribute it. That means we'll make it freely available on this website, and potentially on any other sites we set up too (like our ActiveLit site which lets schools curate lists of games for students).

That's all we'll ever do with anything you submit. We will never sell your games, or modify them, or pretend they were written by somebody else.

I have some questions

No problem, just get in touch.

I'm ready to submit!

Great - let's go!