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Review for Oliver Seeks
11 Aug 2018
Really good fun. Takes me back to my childhood and the excitement of Hide 'n' Seek. I found Casey, Jorey and Ivan very quickly and without any difficulty. I was beginning to think it was too easy when things started to become much more interesting as you try to get into the McFinnley House. Reminds me of Harper Lee's novel, 'To Kill a Mockingbird'.... Very enjoyable game, clear instructions and the diagram map was very helpful. I will return to try and rescue Tom and Juliet!

Review for Kill Switch
11 Aug 2018
"Sorry, your session has expired and the game has finished." This happened 3 times before I could make any significant progress. So I give up. Maybe it works better when downloaded, but I don't want to download, I want to play online. Poor score for poor time limit.

Review for Dr. Science Mouth
10 Aug 2018
Brilliant game! Engrossing story -- the plot and atmosphere are well set up. You don't have to spend ages trying to guess commands, it's easily followed logically. Beware of the booby traps! The 1st time I died because I hadn't checked everything in the Dirty Bathroom. On the 2nd play, I died in the Smoky Room. Great fun. One to return to and try again.

Review for THE 39 STEPS
23 Jul 2018
Looked promising at first. Descended into utter frustration quite quickly. The carrying limit makes leaving the Flat a killjoy, even after you've found the keys. Why would there be a carry limit when travelling from London to Scotland by train? Wouldn't Hanway* just pack a bag? (The rational option.) There are too many possible variations of pick ups & drops in the Flat, not helped by trying to beat the clock before he has to sleep / catch the train. Having to check the watch is a pain too. After trying numerous combos of carry-items, I still couldn't get past the (unlocked) Front Door. There's a fine balance in making a game stimulating and putting players off from going further. Shame because the Hitchcock film and the book are great.

*BTW, in the book the main character is called Richard Hannay.

22 Jul 2018
This game kept me entertained and intrigued for hours. First time I haven't quit a IF game in frustration. I was immersed in a highly imaginative subterranean world I genuinely wanted to understand and explore, not panicking about being hopelessly trapped. The automatic restart allows you to recover and try again. Loved the labyrinth, the deceptively simple beginning and ever increasing layers of complexity and dawning knowledge. In the early stages the tools & skills picked up are logical, e.g. clear what to do with a key, right? Later on, less obvious, and it takes leaps of imagination to solve the puzzle of each chamber. I got stumped by the umbrella but made it eventually. Fun, clever game with an uplifting conclusion. Very satisfying. Well done, Mr. Plotkin.