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Reviews by sjaars

Review for Vive La Republique!
14 May 2014
[Constains SPOILERS]
Great storyline! Well written with nice options to choose from. The only small point of criticism I have is that the timeline seems a bit illogical while in the prison (for example, you can choose to search supplies, check his office and then go look for him in the cells before reinforcements arrive, while if you choose to find him right away and go to the cells the reinforcements arrive right after that aswell).

Besides that, great game.

Review for Lucky Day
13 May 2014
I have to agree with nothersheep, there are some errors in the game. Also I believe this game is in the wrong category [SPOILER] (it's more a comedy than a puzzle game, since it's all about hiding the money from your wife). Yet it was a fun game to play, so I rate it 3 stars.

13 May 2014
Well written game with a good story. The only downside (in my opinion) is that the choices you make don't really affect the story/results.

Therefore I would rate this game 4 stars for storyline and 2 stars for gameplay, which gives us a 3 star rating.