Reviews by Philosophunculist

Review for Devil
12 Jan 2015
This game uses a surreal atmosphere to actually disguise what is a comical ending. Well made, good level of serious to comedy ratio.

Review for Shaving Your Legs
12 Jan 2015
This game utilizes poor comedy in the form of random and meaningless actions. This is the kind of comedy that is commonly enjoyed by young boys or immature peoples. The game actually has a kind of plot so it is not completely incomprehensible and language is used well to paint the literary picture in the reader's mind. The game would be a lot more appealing if you actually found it funny, however the game also lacks content and the desire for actions that hold any real weight. Almost all of the options where the right choice isn't picked result in instant death. The game could literally be 'won' by randomly clicking the links without ever even reading them. Using this strategy one could probably complete this game in about 1 minute - a significant flaw.