Reviews by Warejax101

Review for Vault 3 [UPDATE]
10 Dec 2017
There are Two Types of Games you can find on Text Adventures Co .uk, Game-books and Text Adventures. This gamebook suffers too much by being a gamebook with a premise that could work better with a Text Adventure premise. You can do whatever you want without consequence due to the lack of Variables, you can break into the Overseers office only having entered the vault practically Minutes ago, and the warnings to " NO A CHEATS! " probably don't work on most people: It would be nice to have a incentive to earn these weapons and cash rather then just skipping through them. You can Introduce yourself to a group at a diner that never leaves it, and you can tell them you work as a robco manager until a few seconds after the conversation where you introduce yourself to them as a Soldier. Nothing makes sense. Grammar and Spelling Mistakes are aplenty. Dialogue is very repetitive and needs Improvement. Why three stars, you ask? All of these problems can be fixed, it has a good premise. All It needs is some edits to the text and variable support ( Or possibly a port to a Text Adventure Layout ).

Review for 8 Days
07 Aug 2016
Great game, I like how it breaks [ SPOILER ALERT ] Fourth wall at the end of the game.

11 Jun 2016
My gosh... THIS IS THE GREATEST GAME! That ending was so good, If you do play this game, You have nothing to lose anyway