Reviews by kurdibur

05 May 2015
How do you confuse a feminist? Refuse to let her make sandwiches.
Now that that's said, I don't care for this game too much, boring. Sure the idea was good and for a good reason but I though it was a bloody joke.

Review for Eat Cow To Live
05 May 2015
Really? Really? Fine idea... Elaboration needed, I don't get it. I won without 'killing the cow' sure the game was a joke idea but. But really? As MisterPibb316 said, more substance needed, a lot more.

Review for The Tower
05 May 2015
It had an OK concept...
Not particularly my kind of game but I'm willing to give it a fair rating. The game seems rather over rated, the humor I didn't find to be great. Nice mechanics, achievement system, health and such but the fighting was weird in a sense that it had a lack of flow. I'm assuming this was directed at a younger audience, judging by the humor. The repetition with the fighting got old, fast. Fairly fun game, good job but not the best
Best of luck with your next.