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Reviews by Logof

Review for unreadable
09 Apr 2018
lemme balance the average rating

Review for Weeaboo's Adventure
08 Apr 2018

Not kind of what I have expected, but I really enjoyed the game. The characters were really well-made and the story hooked me on to the game in an amazing way. It could have been better with images, but still, some choices really make you question yourself what to choose, and it was a delightful experience. The "I have to go back home" was a bit anticlimatic, but still, congratulations.

27 Mar 2018
Awisom :)))))))

Review for get the girl
27 Mar 2018
This game is a fantastic masterpiece made by a incredible author. The story hits all my points and is outstandingly immersive and awesome, the grammar is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.
The difficulty is expertly balanced so that it can be finished by anybody and the game really knows what to tell the player.

I can't give anything else other than 5 stars. Great-great job?