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Reviews by glutenwhip

04 May 2018
This is excellent! You've done a great job. I have to confess, the scenario had me pretty bewildered at first, but you wrote in a way that helped clearly explain what was going on and I ended up enjoying it a lot. It was a very interesting play that left me curious for more!

Review for Fallout: Indiana
06 Mar 2018
This is looking awesome! The music fits quite well and your writing does a great job in painting the scene. I also appreciated the Lake Michigan shoutout! :D

Interesting characters and great writing! Some very detailed and enticing scenarios here. You clearly have a very talented group of friends and you have written some truly great content! I enjoyed it very much!

Review for Itrytobefunny
23 Jan 2018
Interesting! It seemed like there were no good endings... In all the endings, I was just working with jerks. It was just like real life. D: Lol. That being said, a fun little game that I restarted a bunch of times!

Review for The Darkness
20 Jan 2018
So far this looks great! Interesting story and had me replaying multiple times to see where I could get. Look forward to seeing more!

18 Jan 2018
What you have so far looks great! Intriguing world that you're writing, and I'm excited to see the other paths as well! Cheese for life. B)