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Review for ChepperLand
23 Oct 2015
Far far away, in a land where there is no hope, talent or chance of success, exist a game named "chepperland".

First off I would like to point out the utter ridiculousness of the name. Which might seem interesting at first glance (assuming youre a semi-retarded 6 year old), but don't be deceived. After a couple more seconds, having the summary within view, you can quickly see the absolute lack of talent and originality that is the title of this supposed game.

I have very little to say in regards to the plot simply because it is un-structured, boring, and quite frankly a waste of the mere seconds it takes to explain.

Basically: the only way one could play chepper land is by 1) suffering from a severe mental illness 2) suffering from the guilt of your friend designing and urging you to play it and 3) well... There's really no other reason.