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Reviews by shadowfire000

04 May 2021
I can't download the game could you make it downloadable.

Review for Shrunken story 0.16
06 Jun 2017
I think I want to go wast

Review for error land
14 May 2017
I LIKE IT I LIKE IT :D 100000000/10

Review for NecroKnight
15 Mar 2017
Nothing happens two death scenes neither make any sense your family hates you. ._. this is hell.

15 Mar 2017
I think that it could some work on dialog but it is still good also the picture is strange for something so well done

Review for Gineb 6.41
27 Jun 2016
10/10 best game ever

Review for get the girl
28 May 2016
._. wut idk get dis