Matthew G

Reviews by Matthew G

Review for Casino
25 Oct 2003
This game will not run because your library is not included in the download!

Review for Lumberjack's Quest
25 Oct 2003
The concept of this game is poor, but the map is good and so is the storyline

Review for Mystery Quest
25 Oct 2003
A good game, great storyline, but it lacks time. I completed the game in under 5 minutes
I had to peek in QDK a few times though becuase it wasn't immediately obvious what to do.
But, overall, it's a good game. make it a bit longer and i'll give it 5 stars!
matthew G

This is a fantastic game. Being the first 1 with Quest 3.5, I reckon it'll be 1 of the best.You can never tell what's gonna happen next, and the health thing is great!