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Reviews by meknes

13 Jul 2020
Very nice! I really like where this interactive seems to be heading. While, I do think that it's a bit too foot-centric for my tastes as some have already noted, you also seem to be progressively steering towards other stuff as well.

I'd personally expand the choices while the player character finds herself within Piper's filthy clutches, as I personally think that it's a bit too linear. Not suggesting stuff like exploring the house or anything, just some stuff that'd be a bit more consequential, like pretending to be dead for so long that you're tossed to Momo or something. I'm also not entirely sure what "will" really does, as I've dropped to the lowest level I can get (55) and nothing of note seems to happen.

I do think that the vore segments could be expanded upon though. They're typically very brief, resembling more of a quick "game over" screen indicating how the avatar died rather than the more detailed smut that I've seen in other areas. I can understand that you might not want to dwell too much on that stuff for the sake of focusing on other narratives, but I feel that these parts in particular could really benefit from a bit more detail.

I have written vore and other macro stuff before, and I believe I can tell you a thing or two about writing this sort of thing if you have the patience to listen to my questionable ramblings. I admittedly got carried away and written my advice to be a bit more lengthy than I initially intended, so I put said advice in a Pastebin as to not hog up too much room. Hopefully you'll find at least some parts of it useful.

09 Apr 2020
This game is quite entertaining so far. The menu is easy to navigate and the presentation itself is also pretty good. My only issue with it as of now is that certain event actions (getting stuck in ice cream, conversing with an overly-affectionate mother, etc.) cannot seem to be failed due to the state of the default stats preventing the player from failing, and said stats can't seem to be lowered in debug mode either.

I hope in the future that there can be an option to intentionally "fail" an event action. I mean wouldn't it be funny if the avatar was repeatedly assaulted by a saliva-riddled muscle while while covered in a sugary sticky substance haha