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Review for The Tortured Forest
14 Mar 2024
The game is called Tortured Forest and its genre is horror. It’s about going to a camp with your friends, but there is an evil spirit lurking. It's an amazing horror game if you're looking for something short. It was thrilling and a scary experience. Playing the game there were a good amount of choices but not a bunch of endings, the writing in the game was a little confusing. An example is the word “snag” which I had to search up the meaning of. The art in the game was very good, and I could tell that a lot of effort went into it. More effort went into the art than writing, but that doesn’t take away from the atmosphere of the game and the chills I got from it. The description was able to hook me in which I really loved. Overall The game was good, the art looked amazing and the game really draws in players.

Review for Masked Shadows
11 Mar 2024
The game was something special really loved playing it

Review for Possession
06 Mar 2024
I loved the game it was amazing and really interesting. It spooked me in the right places.