Reviews by Tildy

Review for Only One
26 Dec 2013
Very intense. The font is irritating and hard to read, though. I didn't get much backstory in my playthrough, but didn't feel like I really needed it.

Review for 4im4dagoal
27 Nov 2013
"You live off your shoe leather for a while."

Yum yum.

Very clever setup. Too bad I don't remember beans about biology...

I made it as far as I could in the game and it's not only scene for scene No-No Boy, but all the characters have the same names. Well, except for Fred Korematsu.

Review for Wake
28 Sep 2013
Definitely good for playing repeatedly. Each playthrough is short enough that it doesn't feel like a chore to start over, and the story is interesting enough to want to know more.

Review for Life of Kevin
30 Jul 2013
I really don't get why this is in the horror section. There is maybe one page per ending that might qualify... and that is the ending page.

Review for Lightning
26 Jul 2013
Tried it with Monty Python's "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life." I feel morbid.