Reviews by Sheograth10

29 Aug 2019
I think that this game is really unique, with the stealing objective and going to different locations for heists. Because of that, this game will definitely become even better as you add more locations to explore and more interactions.

Good luck with the future game development!

Review for Shrunken at a Club
09 Jul 2019
I haven't played as much of this game as I should, and I'll play more over time for sure, but it's definitely high quality. It has a good balance of fetishes and the deaths are all fun to read. It also is pretty easy, so people who aren't good at playing text adventures shouldn't be afraid to give it a shot.

And the creator updates the game frequently with extra deaths and interactions. It deserves a lot of buzz for the quality.

Review for The Mini Vacation
05 Nov 2017
This game has a lot of potential!

I like how you take your time with reaching the shrinking stuff, and you add just enough character details and development to make everything much more engaging.

And the way you set up the story invites tons of possibilities. You can add in extra characters (which you hinted at already), include different locations, and try crazy scenarios since you've put the shrinking directly in the hands of the characters.

Also, I like how you can actually exhaust the dialogue options. Nice touch! Another small feature I liked was that, right after shrinking, the dialogue goes from very large, to not so large, to normal, signifying that the player is slowly adjusting to their new size.

I'm really looking forward to future releases, and I'm honored that I inspired you to give a shot at making your game. Keep up the great work!